I am passionate about trees and all the ways that they benefit our lives and support our very existence. Before moving to Australia I was a warden of an ancient woodland near Cambridge (UK), where we used traditional and sustainable management systems (coppicing), which provided small amounts of useful timber for woodland crafts.

During my lifetime, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with a wide range of highly skilled woodworkers and craftspeople, including charcoal burners, coppice workers, basket weavers, bodgers, rake makers, chairmakers, furnituremakers, boxmakers, bowl turners and spoon carvers. They all share the same passion for working with a natural material that is sustainably grown and harvested, and they all use traditional hand tools and simple devices.

I'm a Green Woodsmith and the term 'green woodworking' means using freshly cut, unseasoned wood as well as using energy efficient, unpowered hand tools. 

I've been working with wood for most of my life, including running a bespoke furniture making business and building a timber framed house, but I always prefer working with green wood. I joined the world-wide community of spoon carvers, and found it one of the most satisfying, peaceful and relaxing forms of woodwork. Like most spoon carvers, I'm still striving to carve the 'perfect spoon'.